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1. Types of services and solutions

Welding Advanced team in automatic, manual and hybrid welding
Coating Equipped and trained team to work with all isolation materials
Pipe Bending Advanced in extra fast reshaping of any diameter
Cathodic Protection Cathodic protection and coating can be done in passive and in active ways – in combo with welding or separately, as a finishing touch
Lowering In Any diameter of pipe can be lowered in with great experience  and professional skills
Leasehold Trained professionals, construction managers  and equipment are prepared to be rent on demand
EPC A complete EPC package next to fulfilled needs of  individual specification is provided


2. Technical Specifications

Welding • Equipment used for automatic welding: Miller Pipe Pro power source and Miller Auto XCS welding bugs.
• Joint design- double J bevel with 5° slope, narrow to closed root gap.
• Welding sequence:
1. Weld designed – root pass, hot pass, fill pass and cap pass.
2. 135 RMDTM downhill progression for the root pass
3. 135 short circuit pulsed downhill welding of the Hot pass, Fill and Cap.
Coating • When repairing the insulation of an old pipeline, in order to achieve the highest possible quality of work, the surface of the pipeline is prepared and the remnants of the old insulation are sandblasted in accordance with the SA 2 ½ surface cleaning requirements before the insulation works, thus achieving the SA surface standard. After the pipe cleaning works, the pipeline is re-insulated in accordance with the requirements specified by the insulation manufacturer.
• Technologies: Roll Insulation, Spray Insulation (PUR)
• The most commonly used insulation materials from the DENSO manufacturer.
• All work is performed in accordance with the requirements of class C50 of the LST EN 12068 standard.
• In order to achieve the high quality requirements of this standard, the company has specially prepared and certified insulators, sandblasting equipment, excavation equipment, and inspection equipment.
Pipe Bending • Side boom will be suitable capacity to handle the pipes and operated by approved operator.
• The bending machine will be equipped with the necessary bending shoes to match the external pipe diameter.
• Bending shoes will be covered with suitable material to avoid damage to the pipe external 3LPE coating.
• Hydraulically controlled internal mandrels will be used to prevent buckling of the pipe during bending operations.
Cathodic Protection • Cathodic (Electrochemical) corrosion protection is provided, assuring equipment design, providing preparation and installation service.
• For this system to work, a cathode station is installed near the protected pipeline. It is connected to the pipeline by means of cables.
• The most reliable way to install cable contacts on a pipeline is to use Ping Brazing method.
Lowering In • Depending on the size and length of the pipeline, the amount of equipment and the capacity to lower the pipe into the trench properly are selected.
• In order to perform the work properly and without damaging the pipe, the injection process takes place by placing the pipe sequentially from the edge of the slope into the trench. This puts the pipe in the trench undamaged.
Leasehold Trained professionals, construction managers  and equipment are prepared to be rent on demand
EPC • Engineering network construction services to the customers from the beginning to the end.
• After contract signing with the customer, the project is prepared, offering the most technologically useful solutions.
• The ordering and purchase of materials is carried out.
• Having final project and materials construction work begins and upon completion of the project required documents are formed.


3. Certificates that can be provided
•ISO 3834-2:2005
•SPSC Qualification certificate

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